Power Ups

image of various powerups in Hive Bomber

Power ups can be found inside hive cells. There are several that can be obtained in the game.

Form power ups change the Hive Bomber's cannon type as well as special ability. Every hive after the first one will have a form hidden in one of the cells. Two forms can be held at a time and can be switched by the press of a button/key. Knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses will prove to be helpful as certain pairings are better than others.

Upgrades are another type of power up. They can provide several perks including (but not limited to) cannon ball bouncing, speed increase, and teleport shock waves.


  Name Cannon / Ability
Scout Form Icon Scout
light cannon
hive scanner
Warrior Form Icon Warrior
medium cannon
bubble shield
Giant Form Icon Giant
heavy cannon
gravity cannon
Sparrow Form Icon Sparrow
light cannon
flat shield
Owl Form Icon Owl
twin cannons
gyro shield
Havoc Form Icon Havoc
burst cannon
disrupter wave


All Hive Bomber forms are capable of teleporting to the other side of the hive if there's enough teleport energy in reserve. Each of the forms also have their own unique special ability.

For example, the Scout form can scan the hive with a cone shaped beam. This beam will reveal the locations of hidden power ups contained within the cells.

Warrior form and Sparrow form abilities in action

The Warrior and Sparrow forms possess energy shields that can deflect any attack. The bubble shield offers protection from all angles for a short period of time. The flat shield can only repel attacks from the front but has greater longevity.

The Havoc form offers a nifty defense by firing a powerful shock wave. Any bee in the blast radius will be thrown back to the edge of the skirmish with their weapons systems temporarily disabled.