Visual Design

image of Hive Bomber gameplay

While Hive Bomber is a new title, it was designed as if it was a remake of a Golden Age arcade game. The graphics were designed to evoke a colorful neon vector monitor aesthetic reminiscent of some of the games from that era.

There are many effects and the game can be quite flashy. There is an included video setup menu where all of the effects can be individually toggled on or off.

Feature List

  • A rainbow of Hive Bomber forms, each sporting its own weapon attributes and unique special ability
  • Arcade and Time Challenge modes
  • Honey, queen, and power-up placements are randomized for added replay value
  • Colorful pseudo-vector graphics design aesthetic
  • Multiple control options including dual analog controller, keyboard, and mouse
  • Player and enemy statistics tracking
  • Original 80s inspired synth rock soundtrack

Modes & More

Aside from Arcade mode, Hive Bomber also features a Time Challenge mode. In Time Challenge, you may choose one hive from a selection to destroy within the allotted time. Both modes will track points or time on a leaderboard, so you will be able to compete with others online.

This game also features a number of power ups. For information on power ups, go to the Forms & Abilities page.